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Double Head Pallet Block Machine

Wood Pallet Leg Machine For Sale

  • Type :Single Head, Double Head, Triple-Head
  • Length and width of block :75-145mm
  • Density : 550-600kg/m³
  • Diameter of pallet hole: 18-28mm
  • Capacity:2-8m³/24h
  • Raw materials : sawdust, rice husk, straw,stalk
  • Application : Pallet block machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets, also called compressed wood block making machine.

How to make wood pallet feet ? – Pallet leg Machine Production Line Working Video

What Is A Wood Pallet Leg Machine?

The wood pallet leg machine is primarily utilized to heat and press wood chips, thereby producing pallet foot blocks. The resultant wood blocks exhibit a smooth and flat appearance, rendering them ideal for crafting foot piers and legs on wooden pallets. The equipment features a straightforward structure, facilitating ease of operation. Our compressed wood block making machine can be tailored to specific dimensions as per customer requirements, and the pressure and density of the woodblocks can also be regulated.

What Is A Wood Pallet Feet Machine?

Wood pallet feet making machines are capable of extruding biomass raw materials, such as sawdust and wood shavings, into solid blocks under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The resultant wood blocks can be cut and utilized in the production of wooden pallet feet.

The manufacturing process of wood pallet blocks using a sawdust block machine primarily encompasses sawdust drying, sawdust block extrusion, compressed block cutting, and other similar procedures. The dimensions and length of the wood blocks can be customized in accordance with customer specifications.

What Is A Wood Pallet Cube Machine?

Wood pallet cube machines utilize sawdust, wood shavings, and similar materials as their primary components. The raw materials undergo a drying process within a specialized dryer, followed by a mixing procedure with glue to form woodblocks. This results in compressed wood blocks that exhibit a visually appealing and clean appearance, devoid of any slag. These sawdust pallet blocks possess notable water resistance capabilities and offer a robust nailing force. Commercial wood pallet block making machines are commonly employed in wood processing facilities, and the processed end products predominantly serve the purpose of crafting foot blocks for various wooden pallets.

block extruder

Features of Automatic Wooden Pallet Leg Machine

  • Free fumigation. Because the pallet block is made by hot pressing, it is free fumigation.
  • Pallet block machine could recycle the wood waste efficiently.
  • Easy to operate. One person could handle 3 machines.
  • The density of the final product could get to 550-1000 kg/m3.

Pallet block size is 90*90 mm, 90*100 mm, 100*100 mm, 80*90 mm. If you have special requirements, we could customize, while it is at the range from 75 mm to 145 mm. Besides, one machine could make two different sizes block.

Pallet Block
pallet block

Working Principle Of The Wooden Pallet Block Machine

Wood pallet block making machines consist of a set of symmetrical left and right extrusion devices. The primary structure of the machine encompasses a feeding port, frame, heating plate, hydraulic cylinder, extrusion die, and other components.

During operation, the internal hydraulic device propels the sawdust introduced from the feeding port forward. As the sawdust enters the heating zone of the machine, the lignin within the sawdust and other biomass feedstocks undergoes thermal decomposition, establishing a robust molecular bond with the feedstock.

Consequently, sawdust blocks processed by wood pallet block making machines typically exhibit a smooth surface, high density and hardness, exceptional wear resistance, and substantial load-bearing capacity.

Technical parameters of Pallet Feet Machine

Double Head(one head in each side)
Four Head(two heads in each side)
Six head(three heads in each side)
Glue water amount
Column 2Column 3Column 4
Column 1 ValueColumn 2 ValueColumn 3 ValueColumn 4 Value

Raw materials for making compressed wood pallet blocks

There are many raw materials for processing wood blocks, and almost all biomass chips can be used for production. The most common processing raw materials are sawdust and wood shavings, coconut fiber, straw scraps, etc.

Main features required for raw materials

Material size: less than 5 mm. We can use the wood shredder to shred all kinds of biomass waste, such as branches, wood scraps, tree roots, logs, waste wood boards, etc., into sawdust and wood shavings with a size of 3-5mm.

Matrial humidity: less than 10%. The humidity of raw materials such as sawdust and wood shavings should not exceed 10%. If the humidity of the raw material is too high, the quality of the finished product will be poor, and the processing efficiency will be very low. We can use the sawdust dryer to continuously dry the raw materials and quickly reduce the moisture content of the raw materials.

Advantages of pallet block press machine

  • Most of the raw materials are waste and scrap from the wood processing process, so the final pallet mat is an environmentally friendly product. In line with the concept of sustainable development, it has broad market prospects.
  • The wood blocks produced by the wood block press machine have a smooth surface, waterproof and not easy to crack.
  • The pallet block press machine is simple in structure and easy to operate. The wood chips are extruded at high temperature and then immediately discharged. Workers can produce ideal wood blocks after simple training.

Automatic Wood Pallet Cube Machine for Sale

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