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What is a Wooden Pallet Feet?

Wooden pallet feet are made of sawdust, wood shavings, and other raw materials by the wood block machine. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly and widely used wood products. Other names of shaving blocks are plywood pallet foot block, sawdust square block, pallet sawdust square pier, pallet square pier, sawdust block, bakelite block, cardboard foot, pallet foot, fumigation-free wooden pallet bracket – foot pier.

Which industries are sawdust blocks used in?

  1. Transportation and logistics industry: Wood pallet blocks are commonly used to support and transport goods in this industry .
  2. Construction and manufacturing industries: Wood blocks can be used to support machinery or form the base of temporary structures .
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What Is A Wood Pallet Block Extruder Machine?

Wood Pallet Block Extruder Machine is a device for producing load-bearing feet of pallets. It can be used in packaging and logistics (transportation) industries. Because the raw material of wooden pallet feet is sawdust and wood shavings. Therefore, the produced woodblock has the characteristics of non-polluting, safe, and easy to handle. Many wooden pallet manufacturers will use a wood shavings block machine to make pallet feet. Our factory produces American standard wood shavings blocks such as 75*75mm, 90*90mm, and 100*100mm, and European standard wood shavings blocks such as 100*110mm, and 145*145mm. Therefore, we provide mechanical customization services.

The function of the hot pressing process of the particle block is to solidify the rubber in the slab. And it is to consolidate the loose and finely broken slabs into sheets of regular thickness after pressing. If the pressing time is too short, the middle layer resin cannot be fully cured. The elastic recovery of the final product in the thickness direction. Therefore, the pressure and extrusion time of the wooden pallet block machine is very important.

The pallet blocks produced by the machine are made through hot pressing, eliminating the need for fumigation .Efficient wood waste recycling: The machine can efficiently recycle various types of waste wood, such as wood blocks, wood shavings, waste wood, and waste pallets .The machine is designed to be easy to operate, and one person can handle multiple machines .The final product has a density ranging from 550 to 1000 kg/m3 .

Raw Materials For Making Wood Pallet Feet

The raw materials for making wood pallet feet can vary depending on the specific production process and machinery used. However, common raw materials include:

  1. Wood sawdust: Sawdust is a byproduct of wood processing and is commonly used as a raw material for making wood pallet feet. It is easily available and can be sourced from various wood industries .
  2. Wood chips: Wood chips are small pieces of wood that are often produced during the process of cutting or chipping logs. They can be used as a raw material for making wood pallet feet .
  3. Wood shavings: Wood shavings are thin, curled pieces of wood that are often produced during woodworking operations. They can be used as a raw material for making wood pallet feet .
  4. Straw: Straw, which is the dry stalks of cereal plants such as wheat, rice, or barley, can also be used as a raw material for making wood pallet feet. It is a renewable and readily available resource .
  5. Coconut fiber (coir): Coir, which is the fibrous material found in the outer husk of coconuts, can be used as a raw material for making wood pallet feet. It is a natural and sustainable material .
  6. Other fibers: In addition to the above-mentioned raw materials, other fibers such as waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, softwood, bagasse, and miscanthus can also be used to produce wood pallet feet .

It is important to note that the moisture content of the raw materials should be below 5% for optimal production. If the moisture content is higher, a rotary drum dryer machine can be used to dry the raw materials .

wood pallet block
wood pallet block
wood pallet block

How Does Wood Pallet Block Machine Work?

  1. Raw material processing: The raw materials, such as sawdust or wood shavings, are mixed with a urea-formaldehyde resin in a glue mixer .
  2. Feeding: The mixed raw materials are fed into the machine through a feed port, which is designed to prevent material blockages .
  3. Extrusion and shaping: The wood chips pass through the high pressure of a hydraulic cylinder and the high temperature of a heating ring, resulting in the formation of shaped and extruded blocks .
  4. Cutting: The long wood blocks are cut into uniform lengths by a saw at the discharge port of the machine .

Wood Pallet Block Extruder Machine Production Line Display

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