What is A Pallet Block Machine?

The wooden pallet foot block machine uses waste materials such as sawdust, wood shavings, and straw as raw materials, and produces pallet foot pads through processes such as drying, mixing glue, hot pressing, and pressurization. Most of the raw materials are waste scraps generated during wood processing, so the final pallet foot pad is also an environmentally friendly product.

Moreover, the hardness of the wooden pallet blocks formed by high temperature and high pressure is comparable to that of ordinary solid wood materials. The appearance is smooth and flat, which is an ideal material for making foot blocks and legs on wooden pallets. Our compressed wood block machine can be customized according to customer needs, and the pressure and density of the wood blocks can also be adjusted. It is a high-quality machine that truly meets customer needs.

wood pallet block machine
pallet block machine
wood pallet block

Features Of Wood Pallet Block Machine

  • The wood pallet foot block machine is mainly used to make blocks/feet of wooden pallets and wooden boxes for packaging industry and logistics transportation.
  • The raw materials are mainly wood waste, such as wood chips, wood sawdust, etc.
  • We dry the wood chips with 8%-10% moisture, and then mix them with glue (15% glue + 85% raw materials), and finally the mixed materials will be pressed into blocks by the compression wood block making machine under high pressure and high temperature.
  • The blocks can be made with one hole in the center or without holes.
  • The wood shavings foot block machine has high waterproof performance.
  • The size of the final pallet block can be customized according to customer requirements, and one machine can make two different sizes of blocks.
  • It can be soaked continuously for 48 hours without deterioration.

Structure Of Wood Pallet Block Machine

The wooden pallet block machine is mainly composed of a glue mixing device, a control system, a hydraulic system, and a heating system. Put the dried wood chips or shavings into the glue mixer, and then add urea-formaldehyde resin for mixing.

The material enters from the feed port and enters the hydraulic oil tank below under the action of the screw. The hydraulic system squeezes the mixed material into the discharge device, which has a heating system. The lignin in the material is dissolved under high temperature and high pressure conditions, so that the material is tightly combined together, and finally forms wooden strips at the outlet.

Three Head Pallet Block Machine

Advantages Of Wood Pallet Block Machine

1.The raw materials are waste sawdust produced during wood processing. The products made are free of inspection and fumigation, and are environmentally friendly products.

2.The surface of the produced wood board is smooth and flat, waterproof and not easy to crack.

3.The mold can be customized according to customer requirements. The density of the wood board can be adjusted, up to 700kg/m3, and it is very strong.

4.The equipment has a simple structure, easy operation, conforms to the concept of sustainable development, and has broad market prospects.

Three Head Pallet Block Machine

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