Paper core plug are designed specifically for manufacturers and converters of paper, plastic film and metallic foils. The core plug’s strength advantage comes from the unique process of  combining hard and softwood fiber and resin with high heat and pressure. The end result is a dimensional stable plug with a tight fit that provides the ultimate in crush resistance.

The primary application for these core plugs lies in the paper industry, where they play a crucial role in facilitating the packaging process by supporting rolled-up paper. Traditionally, core plugs were made from solid wood. However, due to the growing scarcity of wood resources, the cost of manufacturing solid wood core plugs had significantly increased. In response to this challenge, ZZCHRYSO developed an innovative core plug machine capable of processing waste wood and wood chips to produce molded wood core plugs. This new type of compressed plug is not only cost-effective but also highly sought after in the market.

wood core pluge
wood core pluge

Raw Material:

The raw materials for molded wood plugs can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, boards, branches, wood chips and wood processing residues, etc. It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp straw, cotton straw, reed, etc.). Any fiber-rich raw material can be used to produce molded cork, such as straw, bamboo, palm, wheat straw, bagasse, coconut fiber (coir), miscanthus, etc.

Advantages of using wood core plug press machine

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Wood core plug press machines allow for the utilization of waste wood, sawdust, and other wood processing residues as raw materials . This significantly reduces the cost of raw materials, making the production process more economical.
  2. Automation: Wood core plug press machines are highly automated, requiring only one or two workers to handle routine operations . This automation improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  3. High-quality output: The final products produced by wood core plug press machines are of high quality. The core plugs are strong, hard, and durable, ensuring they can withstand the demands of transportation and usage .
  4. Reusability: Wood core plugs produced by a press machine are completely reusable. They can be used multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste .
  5. Environmental friendliness: Wood core plug press machines contribute to environmental sustainability. By utilizing waste wood and other fiber-rich raw materials, they reduce the demand for new wood resources and promote recycling .
papaer core plug press machine

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