The presswood pallet production line is widely put into use by wood processing plants. Manufacturing wooden pallets is mainly used for stacking, loading, and transporting goods. The use of wooden pallets facilitates mechanized loading and unloading and improves handling efficiency.

The pressed wood pallet production line takes logs, waste wood, etc. as raw materials, and the workflow of the whole line is highly automated and continuous, through the coordination and cooperation of various workstations, after a series of operations, it realizes the whole production process from the preparation of raw materials to the making of finished products, which is finally processed into wood pallets with various uses.

presswood pallet

Presswood pallet machine is more economical than the traditional one, because the raw material of presswood pallet machine is very easy to get, which can save product costs to a large extent. Raw materials suitable for this machine can be waste wood, scrap of the wood, bamboo, straw, waste kraft paper, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, and waste pallets, and so on. Therefore, presswood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for wood recycling.

Components of compressed wooden pallet production line

Main equipment for presswood pallet machine line

Presswood pallet machine line is composed of wood chipping machine, wood crushing machine, rotary drum dryer, glue mixer, presswood pallet machine, cyclone dust collector, screw conveyer,and other accessories.

1. Wood chipping machine: Wood chipping machine is used to produce wood into smaller wood chips with even length and uniform chip thickness, except making wooden pallet for logistics transportation, wood chipper machine is widely used in a lot of industries such as production of paper making, edible fungus, shaving board, sawdust, high density board, fiber board and so on.

2. Wood crushing machine: Wood crusher, also called wood crushing machine, is the ideal equipment for producing various types of wood products. Wood pallets and compressed wood pallet production line also need wood crusher. Wood crushing machine is used in a wide variety of applications for recycling wood waste, to preparing wood for presswood pallet.

3. Rotary drum dryer:

Rotary drum dryer machine is the mechanical equipment using the heat energy to reduce the water of materials, which is the necessary equipment for wood pallet production line

During compressed wood pallet production line process, rotary drum dryer machine is necessary equipment for wood shavings drying which are transferred by the pipe. The working temperature of rotary drum drying machine can reach up to 150℃-180℃ and the water content of wood shavings is below 10% after drying.

4. Glue mixer: The glue mixer machine is widely used in pallet production lines and pallet block production lines. A sawdust glue mixing machine is a machine that evenly mixes glue and dried raw materials with a mixer machine. There are two types of glue mixing machines: ring glue mixing machines and drum glue mixing machines. A cylinder glue mixing machine is mainly used for pallet block production lines and small molded pallet production lines. Customers should consider the production capacity and the raw materials to be mixed when choosing a glue mixing machine.

5. Presswood pallet machine: Molded pallet machine uses raw materials containing plant fibers, dried, mixed with glue, and molded into pallet at high temperature and high pressure. The pallets are formed in the mold at one time. These pallets are used for various purposes, mainly in the logistics and transportation industry. Compared with ordinary plastic pallets and wooden pallets, it has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, deformation resistance, and long service life.

7. Pallet Stacker :It receives single pallets from any type of in-feed conveyor and stacks the pallet with its heavy duty electrical hoist system. Once the pallets are fully stacked, the stacker automatically discharges the stack of pallets to the out-feed conveyor. Electric Pallet Stacker can be integrated into a variety of systems and configurations to meet any pallet stacking needs.

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