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What Is A Wood Palet Block?

A wood pallet block, also known as a pallet foot or pallet leg, is a component used in the construction of wooden pallets. It serves as a load-bearing support at the corners or center of the pallet, providing stability and strength. The block is typically made from solid wood or compressed wood materials.

Application Of Sawdust Block

Wood pallet blocks are essential for the structural integrity of pallets, as they support the weight of the load and distribute it evenly.They help prevent the pallet from sagging or collapsing under heavy loads.Pallet blocks also facilitate the handling and transportation of goods using forklifts or pallet jacks.

Wood pallet blocks are usually square or rectangular in shape.They can be made from solid wood, such as hardwood or softwood, or from compressed wood materials like sawdust or wood shavings.The blocks are typically designed with notches or grooves to interlock with the pallet stringers or deck boards, ensuring stability and preventing movement.

Wood pallet blocks offer durability and strength, allowing pallets to withstand heavy loads and rough handling.They can be easily replaced if damaged, extending the lifespan of the pallet.Pallet blocks can be made from sustainable and renewable wood sources, contributing to environmentally friendly practices.

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What Is A Wood Sawdust Block Press Machine?

The wood sawdust block press machine is mainly used to produce sawdust extruded woodblocks. This product is mainly used to replace the compressed sawdust wood block-making machine used in traditional wooden pallets production line. The wood block press machine uses waste wood, sawdust, and wood shavings as raw materials, and is dried by a drum dryer. After being evenly mixed with glue in sawdust glue mixing machine, the wood block is extruded by one-time hot pressing. It has no chipping, good waterproofness, and strong nailing force. The sawdust pallet block making machine is divided into three types: single-head presswood block-making machine, double-head wood block machine, and three-head wood block extruder machine according to its product type. The material of the mold is Q235 steel, and the design life of the mold is 2 years.

The Presswood pallet block machines are mainly used to produce sawdust extruded wood blocks. The sawdust block press machine uses waste wood, sawdust, and wood shavings heat-pressed to extrude the pallet block at one time. The Sawdust Pallet block is placed under the pallet, which is convenient for forklifts to pick up and transport, and it also has a moisture-proof effect. The raw material of the sawdust block mound is flake shavings rich in plant fibers, which are continuously extruded at high temperature and high pressure, and can be directly put into use.

Raw Materials for Sawdust Pallet Block Press Machine

The raw material of the wood pallet block press machine is 6-8mm sawdust. Therefore, sawdust that does not meet the raw material size needs to be reprocessed with a wood shredder. In fact, it has a lot of raw materials. Such as wood blocks, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallets, etc. In addition, it should be noted that the production of pallet blocks requires adding glue such as urea-formaldehyde resin to the raw materials.

The Processing Process of Sawdust Block Press Machine

  • Raw Material Preparation:
    • Collect waste wood, sawdust, and wood shavings as the raw materials for the production of compressed wood blocks.
    • Ensure that the raw materials are clean and free from contaminants.
    • If the raw materials have high moisture content, they need to be dried using a drum dryer .
  • Glue Mixing:
    • In a sawdust glue mixing machine, evenly mix the sawdust with glue, typically urea-formaldehyde resin glue, according to a certain ratio .
  • Extrusion and Hot Pressing:
    • Feed the mixed sawdust and glue into the sawdust block press machine.
    • The machine uses one-time hot pressing to extrude the mixture under high temperature and pressure.
    • The extrusion process helps in shaping the sawdust into solid wood blocks with higher density and strength .
  • Block Formation:
    • The machine usually consists of two sets of symmetrical extrusion devices, allowing the extrusion of sawdust from two outlets.
    • The forming mold at the outlet of the machine can be replaced to produce wood blocks of different sizes and shapes .
  • Cutting:
    • At the discharge port of the sawdust block press machine, wood block cutting machines can be installed.
    • These machines are controlled by infrared sensor devices, which automatically sense the set cutting length and cut the blocks accordingly .
  • Final Product:
    • The resulting compressed wood blocks have high density, hardness, and resistance to moisture.
    • They are suitable for further assembly into wooden pallets or can be used for various applications such as wooden crafts, building blocks, and furniture .

Sawdust Block Press Machine Production Line

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