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A sawdust air flow dryer machine, also known as a sawdust dryer or pneumatic dryer, is a specialized drying equipment designed to remove moisture from sawdust or wood chips. It utilizes hot air to evaporate the moisture content, resulting in dry and usable sawdust for various applications. The machine operates on the principle of air flow and heat transfer to efficiently dry the material.

The sawdust air flow dryer machine is widely used in industries such as biomass processing, wood pellet production, furniture manufacturing, and agricultural waste utilization. It offers several advantages, including high drying efficiency, uniform drying results, reduced energy consumption, and improved product quality. By effectively removing moisture from sawdust, the machine enables the utilization of the dried material for applications such as fuel production, animal bedding, composite board manufacturing, and more.

Working Principle Of Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine

Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine uses forced hot air to dry sawdust. The basic working principle is as follows:

  1. Sawdust is fed into the drying chamber of the machine. The drying chamber is a sealed container with inlet and outlet ducts for hot air circulation.
  2. Hot air is blown into the drying chamber through the inlet duct. This hot air circulates around and through the sawdust particles in the chamber.
  3. The hot air flowing around the sawdust particles removes moisture from the sawdust through evaporation and absorption. The hot air absorbs the moisture vapor released from the sawdust.
  4. As the hot air passes through the sawdust bed, it cools down and becomes saturated with moisture. This moist air then exits the drying chamber through the outlet duct.
  5. The moist air is then passed through a heater which regenerates the hot air. The heated air is then recirculated back into the drying chamber through the inlet duct, continuing the cycle.
  6. This continuous circulation of hot air through the sawdust dries the sawdust particles by constantly removing moisture. The drying rate depends on factors like air temperature, air flow rate, sawdust bed depth, etc.
  7. The dried sawdust is then discharged from the drying chamber through an outlet door or conveyor. The sawdust is considered dry when it reaches the desired moisture content.

Working Videos of Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine

The Features of Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine

  • Drying chamber – The main container where the sawdust is loaded and dried. It is sealed to ensure efficient air circulation. The chamber can be rectangular, cylindrical or conical in shape.
  • Inlet and outlet ducts – Ducts connected to the drying chamber for the circulation of hot air. The inlet duct supplies hot air into the chamber while the outlet duct exhausts moist air out.
  • Forced air circulation – Achieved through fans or blowers that force hot air through the drying chamber. The air flow rate can be adjusted to optimize the drying rate.
  • Air heating system – Usually an electric heater, gas burner or heat exchanger that heats the air before it enters the drying chamber. The air temperature affects the drying rate and final moisture content.
  • Moisture removal system – Moist air exhaust from the outlet duct is passed through moisture separation equipment like cyclones or bag filters to remove moisture before reheating.
  • Sawdust loading system – Means of loading and unloading sawdust into and from the drying chamber. This can be manual or involve conveyors, elevators, etc.
Air Flow Dryer Machine 201
dryer air flow 302

Small Sawdust Airflow Dryer

Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine

  • Motor power :7.5kw
  • Productivity :800-900Kg/hour
  • Dewatering amount: 150-300kg/h
  • The Dia.of tube(mm): 400mm
  • The temperature of the heating air:220°C/250°C
  • Raw materials : sawdust, small wood chips, and wood particles

Advantages of Sawdust Air Flow Dryer Machine

  1. High Drying Efficiency: Sawdust air flow dryers are designed to provide high drying efficiency. The combination of hot air flow, optimized air distribution, and effective contact between the hot air and the wet sawdust results in rapid moisture evaporation. This leads to shorter drying times and increased productivity.
  2. Uniform Drying: These machines ensure uniform drying of the sawdust or wood chips. The continuous air flow and controlled temperature distribution throughout the drying chamber help to evenly dry the material. This results in consistent moisture content across the entire batch of sawdust, leading to improved product quality and uniformity.
  3. Versatile Drying: Sawdust air flow dryers are versatile and can handle a wide range of materials beyond just sawdust. They can efficiently dry wood chips, shavings, biomass, agricultural waste, and other similar materials. This flexibility makes them suitable for various industries, such as biomass processing, wood pellet production, and more.
  4. Better Product Quality: By removing moisture from the sawdust, air flow dryers help improve the quality of the dried material. Lower moisture content prevents microbial growth, reduces the risk of decay, and enhances the stability and shelf life of the product. Drying also improves the combustion properties of biomass materials used for energy production.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Sawdust air flow dryers are designed to be energy-efficient. They often incorporate insulation materials to minimize heat loss, and some models come with heat recovery systems to capture and reuse waste heat. This helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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