Wood Powder Making Machine

Wood Powder Making Machine For Sale

  • Capacity :2.5-10T/h
  •  Fineness : 60-200mesh
  • Main motor :75kw-185kw
  • Application :Wood powder machine is skilfully crafted to finely grind various raw materials into powder or flour, including wood powder, bamboo powder, rice husk powder, and pepper powder.

Product Description

A wood powder machine, also known as a wood powder mill, is a hammer mill that utilizes blade cutting and airflow impact.It effectively grinds raw materials into fine powder or flour, such as wood powder, bamboo powder, rice husk powder, pepper powder, and more. The wood powder machine allows for adjustable fineness within the range of 60-200 mesh. The output and fineness of the machine vary depending on the specific gravity of the material, catering to the diverse needs of customers in the market.

The wood powder machine functions as a system for producing wood powder, encompassing feeding, grinding, screening, and collection steps. The machine primarily consists of a main machine, fan, powder collector, and dust collector. Wood powder milling machines are widely used in industries such as plastics, papermaking, mosquito coils, animal feed, Chinese medicinal materials, agriculture, and others.

wood flour machine

Working Principle of Wood Powder Mill

The material should be transported to the wood hammer mill by the screw conveyor, and then the hammer mill directly crushes the material into small particle size. The particles and excess gas are collected by the cyclone separator and then discharged from the airlock, and the excess gas is extracted by the fan. The dust collector can collect fine dust during the crushing process.

Final Products

Application Range of Wood Flour Machine
Application Range of Wood Flour Machine


  1. The machine is of no-screen type structure,non-blocking, grinding , wind grading and secondary grinding are finished at the same time;
  2. Special grinding plate design, which features high capacity, even fineness and lowtemperature rise;
  3. Fineness is adjustable from 60 to 200 meshes,special micro grinding can be achieved;
  4. Advanced driving system,running is stable, temperature rise of bearing is low, no need to add oil and maintenance is convenient;
  5. The hammer head and teeth ring are welded with high quality alloy steel, the useful life of wearing parts is improved gratefully;
  6. With special silencer to reduce noisedrastically ;
  7. The screw feeder can automatically remove impurities of large specific gravity to ensure normal working of machine

Application Range of Wood Flour Machine

Wood flour machine has a wide range of crushing. It is mainly used to crush wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo, nut shells, cotton stalks, bark, rice husks, corn cobs, Chinese medicinal materials, recycled rubber, hard foam, plant fibers and other medium-hardness materials.

The finished products processed by wood flour machine can be widely used in furniture industry, building materials industry, papermaking industry, feed industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.

Application Range of Wood Flour Machine
Application Range of Wood Flour Machine
Application Range of Wood Flour Machine
Application Range of Wood Flour Machine

Product Parameters













Remark:capacity standard:raw material is maize, 80 meshed 95% sieve through

Product Display

wood flour machine
wood flour machine
wood flour machine

Advantages of Using Wood Powder Making Machine

  1. High Efficiency: The wood powder machine integrates the crushing principles of traditional crushers, ensuring optimal processing of materials .
  2. Adjustable Fineness: Users can set the desired fineness level of the powder, ranging from coarse to ultra-fine, catering to specific industry needs .
  3. Multi-Functional: In addition to wood, the machine can process materials like bamboo, nut shells, and even certain herbs, making it versatile .
  4. Low Noise & Vibration: The advanced design features of the wood powder machine ensure it operates with minimal noise and vibration, ensuring a smooth production process .
  5. Dust Reduction: Equipped with dust removers, the machine ensures a clean operation, minimizing environmental impact .
  6. Energy Saving: Compared to traditional machines, the wood powder machine consumes less power, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective .
  7. Compact & Durable: The wood powder machine has a compact design, occupying minimal space, while its sturdy construction guarantees longevity .

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