Single Head Pallet Block Machine

Wood Pallet Block Machine

  • Type :Single Head
  • Length and width of block :75-145mm
  • Density : 550-600kg/m³
  • Diameter of pallet hole: 18-28mm
  • Capacity:2-8m³/24h
  • Raw materials : sawdust, rice husk, straw,stalk
  • Application : Pallet block machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets, also called compressed wood block making machine.
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Product Description

The compressed wood pallet feet making machine mainly uses all kinds of waste wood to produce wood blocks. The produced pallet block can replace the solid wood pallet block used in traditional wood pallets. At the same time, a variety of raw materials rich in wood fiber can be used to produce pallet feet.

The raw materials are continuously extruded into wooden strips at high temperature and high pressure through a square mold of the pallet feet machine. Pallet blocks are mainly used in the production of European pallets.

The size of the pallet block can be customized according to customer requirements, ranging from 75 mm to 145 mm. Different size molds can produce different specifications of pallet feet. Because these pallet blocks have smooth surfaces and high strength, they can replace solid wood pallet blocks.
Single Head Pallet Block Machine

The pallet block produced by the pallet block machine is mainly used for European pallets, which can replace the solid wood used in the traditional pallets.Pallet block is also known as pallet feet, pallet legs, pallet pier. Sawdust pallet block machine can use waste wood chips, wood shavings as raw materials, can also use a variety of straw containing wood fiber to produce wood waste pallet block. We can customize the mould of the compressed wood block machine according to the customer’s requirements of the pallet size specification.

End Products of Wood Pallet Block Machine :

wood pallet block
wood pallet block

The Raw Materials

Wood pallet blocks are typically made from raw materials such as sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, bark, and recycled wood materials. Sawdust and wood shavings are byproducts of sawmills and woodworking operations, while wood chips are obtained by chipping or grinding logs or branches. Bark, the outer layer of a tree, can also be used. Manufacturers may incorporate recycled wood materials to promote sustainability. These raw materials are combined with binders or adhesives to form pallet blocks, providing strength and durability. The specific combination and ratio of materials depend on factors like desired characteristics, regional availability, and manufacturing processes.

Pallet block Raw Material

Product Parameters

The wood pallet foot making machine can make different size wood block as per your request.
The sizes are 75*75,80*100,80*120,90*90,90*140,100*100,100*115,100*140,140*140 etc.

Single Head
Double Head
Three Head
Glue water amount

Product Display

Wood pallet block machine with automatic pallet block saw

Double Head Pallet Block Machine

Wood pallet block machine with manual pallet block saw

Three Head Pallet Block Machine

Moulds Of Wood Pallet Block Machine

Pallet Block Machine mould
Pallet Block Machine mould

Heating Plate Of Wood Pallet Block Machine

Heating plate of Pallet Block Machine

Features of Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

  • The quality of the wooden block hot press is superior, the surface of the wooden pier tray feet is smooth and flat, good waterproof (no cracking after soaking in water for 48 hours, no cracking under the wind and sun), and strong nailforce.
  • Moulds can be customized according to the specifications and sizes of customers’ requirements. The products made are exempt from inspection and fumigation, and the formaldehyde release (E2) are in line with national standards.
  • The internal bonding strength is up to 1.07mpa. The vertical screw holding force is 1590N, and the flat behavior is 1660N, which is the ideal material for making non-fumigating wooden pallet support (foot pier, frame leg). It is mainly used to replace the foot pier used on the solid wood pallet, which is free from fumigation and heat treatment.

Details Photo

Whole Production Line

pallet block product line

For the production line,there are mainly four machines:

1.Wood crusher machine:
It is used for the raw materials in larger size.
Please use wood shavings and sawdust to make wood blocks. If the raw material is not very big, it is unnecessary to crush.

2.Dryer machine
Drying the raw material to keep the 10%-15% moisture.

3.Gluing machine
Mixing the material together tighter for next step.

4.Wood pallet block making machine (main machine of the wood block production line)

Wood Pallet Block Production Line Dispaly

wood pallet block line

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