Air Flow Drying Machine

Small Sawdust Air flow Dryer

  • Motor power :7.5kw
  • Productivity :800-900Kg/hour
  • Dewatering amount: 150-300kg/h
  • The Dia.of tube(mm): 400mm
  • The temperature of the heating air:220°C/250°C
  • Raw materials : sawdust, small wood chips, and wood particles
  • Application : Air flow dryer is widely used in wood material drying industry, and is preparing dried materials for presswood pallet or pressed pallet block production.
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Product Description

Air Flow Drying Machine

Sawdust Airflow dryer machine, also known as Flash sawdust dryer machine  and pipe type sawdust dryer machine, is specially designed for the drying of wood chips, sawdust, small wood chips, and wood particles. It only needs to send wet wood chips, sawdust or granular materials into the dryer pipe, and use a screw conveyor to continuously add them to the drying pipe.

As the ideal water content of sawdust is 8%-15% for producing biomass briquettes and pellets. Usually, the moisture of the untreated wet sawdust is 30%-50%, and fresh sawdust from the sawmill can even up to about 60%. Even if these materials are air-dried enough, the water content can be reduced to 20% at the most, but they still can not meet the requirement for producing briquettes. So it is necessary to use the sawdust air flow dryer to heat and dry the wet sawdust before making sawdust briquettes.

dryer air flow 203
dryer air flow 202

Working Principle of Sawdust Air flow Dryer

The raw materials are fed into the dryer by the conveying device.Meanwhile, the heated air is driven into the dryer.Both the materials and the heated air will be fully blended and then they move forward inside the whole pipes due tothe strong suction of the air blower.Then moisture will evaporate when the biomass materials go through the wholepipe.At last, dried materials are discharged.

Small Sawdust Air flow Dryer

Product Parameters

Productivity (Kg/hour)800900
Motor power (kw)7.57.5
Machine Weight (kg)22002600
Tube thickness (mm)22
The Diameter of Big Tube (mm)400400
The Diameter of Small Tube (mm)320320
The temperature of the heating air220°C250°C
Supply air rate9000 m3/hr10000 m3/hr
Dewatering amount (kg/h)200200
Material moisture content20%40%
Size of the machine (mm)8000*1400*20008600*1600*2500

Features of Sawdust Dryer Machine

  • Air flow dryer applies the principle of instantaneous drying air to dry the moisture of raw materials.
  • Direct heating, fast drying, and high drying strength. Since the material is highly dispersed in the air stream, the entire surface of the particles is actively dried.
  • Short drying time, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency.
  • Air flow dryer has simple structure, small footprint, and easy to build and repair.
  • Air flow drying machine is equipped automatic speed-adjusting feeding machine, electric rolling screen, and discharging conveyor, which can automatically stop and feed according to the moisture content of the dried materials.
  • The moisture content of the dried materials are 8%-12%, so air flow dryer is the perfect equipment that preparing raw materials for pallet block production.

Application of Sawdust Airflow Dryer

Sawdust Airflow Dryer is specially designed for drying the biomass materials, such as wood sawdust, small wood chips, rice hull, sunflower husk, peanut shells, etc.

wood chip

Sawdust is very common in life, and a large amount of sawdust is produced in various wood processing plants. This sawdust can be processed into various products such as sawdust compressed board and molded pallets. These sawdusts are usually dried when they are recycled. The Sawdust Airflow dryer machine is specially designed for drying all kinds of sawdust.

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