Particleboard hot press machine

MDF Particleboard Hot Press Forming Machine

  • Pressure : 1200T or customized
  • Main cylinder : Φ320,6 sets
  • Pilot oil cylinder : Φ100,2 set
  • Lift cylinder : Φ100,4 sets
  • Press stroke : 550mm
  • Applicable Mold type : Size less than 1220*2440mm
  • Application : The Molding Press Machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded pallets and particleboard,MDF and Chipboard
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Product Description

The Molding Press Machine is primarily used to produce particleboards, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), and chipboard. It utilizes waste wood, sawdust, and shavings as raw materials for the production process. These materials are compressed and bonded together under high pressure and heat to form the desired wood-based panels.

These wood-based panels have various applications in the construction, furniture, and interior design industries. They are commonly used for making furniture, cabinets, flooring, and other wood-based products. The use of waste wood, sawdust, and shavings as raw materials in the molding press machine helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the woodworking industry.

Particleboard hot press machine
Particleboard hot press machine

The Raw Materials

The raw materials for molded particleboard typically include waste wood, such as sawdust, shavings, wood chips, and other wood particles. These materials are sourced from various wood processing industries, including sawmills, furniture manufacturing, and woodworking operations. The use of waste wood helps in reducing environmental impact and utilizing wood residues that would otherwise be discarded.

Pallet block Raw Material

Product Parameters

Total pressure1200 T
Master cylinderΦ320, 6 sets
Pilot oilΦ100, 2 sets
Lift cylinderΦ100, 4 sets
Main motor power11KW
Press stroke550mm
CapacityAround 5 minutes/board (based on 12mm thickness)
Applicable mold typeSize less than 1220*2440mm
Machine size4500x1800x4600mm
Machine weightAround 30 tons

Features of Molding Press Machine

  • The machine has a good structure ,it use the three-way synchronous positioning,precision and balance,the pressurize will be soon when filling ,the pressurize will be fine within 35 seconds.
  • It is easy to operate ,just press the work button,then the machines will complete the whole process automatically.
  • Around 5 minutes/board (based on 12mm thickness)
  • The machine can be customized

Whole Production Line

Particleboard Molding Press Machine Production Line

Particleboard Molding Press Machine production line

The whole Molding Press Machine production line :

Providing electric thermal boiler machine for whole automatic production line:
Step 1: crushing the materials into 5mm.
Step 2: If raw materials with high moisture, dry them to about12% moisture content.
Step 3: Mix the dried materials with glue according to a certain proportion.(Metering electric glue mixer machine for mixing the sawdust and glue)

Step 4: Fill the mixed materials into the mould and press.
Step 5: Keep pressing for 7-10 minutes, then the finished Particleboard
can be gotten.
Auto feeding and discharging conveyor for molding press machine.

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