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High Speed Cross Cut Saw For Wood

  • Power :4KW/5.5KW/7.5KW
  • Diameter of saw blade : 400mm/500mm/600mm/700mm
  • Main shaft speed :1800r/min,2400r/min,2800/min
  • Votage: 380v 50Hz
  • Application :High Speed Cross Cut Saw Suitable for sawing of wood , nonmetallic , plastic and wood-based panels complete the fixed length of wood processing.

Product Description

high speed cut off saw
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A high-speed cross-cut saw is a specialized machine used in various industries, including woodworking, lumber production, and manufacturing, to quickly and accurately cut materials, typically in a cross-cutting or transverse direction.

High-speed wood cross-cut saw machines are specifically designed to operate at high speeds, allowing for quick and efficient cutting of wood. This helps to increase productivity and reduce production time.

High-speed wood cross-cut saw is equipped with high-quality blades and advanced cutting mechanisms, ensuring precise and accurate cuts. The high-speed operation allows for smooth and clean cuts, resulting in high-quality finished products.

High-speed wood cross-cut saw machines are versatile and can handle various types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. They can also be adjusted to cut different thicknesses and widths, making them suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects .

Product Parameters

wood specification (H*W)

40*320   60*290     80*245  100*190


40*430  60*405  80*380

100*340   120*29    125*280
40*530   60*510  80*490  100*460   120*420   140*380  160*330  180*260  190*210

20*650 40*630 60*620 80*600 100*575 120*545 140*510 160*470 180*425 200*370 220*295

Diameter of saw blade
380v 50Hz
380v 50Hz
380v 50Hz
380v 50Hz
Main shaft diameter
Main shaft speed
Machine weight
Machine size
2840*839*1068mm n

Features of High Speed Cross Cut Saw

  1. High Cutting Speed: High-speed cross-cut saws are specifically designed to operate at faster speeds, allowing for rapid and efficient cutting of wood materials .
  2. Precision Cutting: These saws offer precise and accurate cuts, ensuring clean and smooth edges on the wood pieces. This precision is crucial for achieving high-quality finished products .
  3. Suitable for sawing of wood , nonmetallic , plastic and wood-based panels complete the fixed length of wood processing.
  4. Equipment operation safe , easy debugging ,Feed direction can be customized

Advantages of High Speed Cross Cut Saw

  • The use of low-power motor to do power, save energy, and the use of pneumatic devices clamping wood, fast and flexible, safe and reliable.
  • The use of high-precision linear shaft orbit to use light and flexible, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the producers.
  • The use of large-size ultra-thin saw blade, no cooling, can be processed out of the product is smooth, standard, without the need for planer and other equipment, two processing.

Product Details

cut off saw
cut off saw
cut off saw
cut off saw

Precautions for Using High Speed Cross Cut Saw

1.Cut off saw machine the operation before the check whether the sharp saw blade saw blade, saw blade must be flat, jagged sharp, not continuous teeth two, the length of the crack shall not exceed 20mm, the end of the crack to be rushed to the hole, Minute, see the table saw running is normal.
2.Check the blade rotation direction, to ensure that the blade rotation direction is correct.
3.Was sawing the thickness of wood to saw the wood can be exposed to 10 ~ 20mm, jagged must be on the same circle.
4.After the boot, to be normal after the speed of sawing. Sawing material should not be shaking or high when the wood, the case of wood to slow uniform feeding. Saw length should not be less than 100mm, close to the end when the application of push stick feeding.
5.Such as saw line deviation, should be gradually corrected, not fierce pull, so as not to damage the saw blade.
6.The operator shall not stand and face the rotation of the blade with the direction of centrifugal operation, the arm shall not work across the blade.
7.The machine is running, found abnormal should immediately turn off the power to the workshop supervisor to reflect, non-professional maintenance personnel shall not be unauthorized removal of machinery and equipment.
8.The machine must be dedicated, other staff without the consent of the workshop supervisor, not allowed to use.
9.Is strictly prohibited wearing gloves, wearing slippers, sick, drink operation machine.
10.The end of the operation, cut off the power for the machine dust, the remaining material clean, should be refueling from time to time, maintenance.

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high speed cut off saw
high speed cut off saw
high speed cut off saw

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