Double Station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine

Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine

  • Power(kw) : 2
  • Nail gun quantity (pc) : 5
  • Max. working speed(m/min):30
  • Control mode: PLC automatic controlling
  • Nailing time(second):30
  • Gasrequirements(kg):≥6
  • Application : Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is mainly used in the production of Acoustic Panel .
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Product Description

Double Station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine icon

An Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is a device that can automatically nail acoustic panels to wooden frames or boards. Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials that can reduce noise and improve the acoustics of a room. They are often used in studios, theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, offices, and other places where sound quality is important.

An Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is composed of several parts, such as a feeding system, a nailing system, a cutting system, and a control system. The feeding system is responsible for delivering the acoustic panels and the wooden frames or boards to the nailing system. The nailing system is equipped with multiple nail guns that can adjust the nailing position, depth, and angle according to the size and shape of the acoustic panels. The cutting system is used to trim the excess material from the acoustic panels after nailing. The control system is the brain of the machine that can set the parameters, monitor the operation, and display the status of the machine.

Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine

Working principle of Double-station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine:

The equipment adopts a double-station working mode, one station is manually loaded; at the same time, the other station can perform nailing work.

  • Manually discharge the materials neatly into the tooling mold on station 1.
  • According to the nailing requirements of the product, input parameters such as the distance and quantity of nailing to be nailed on the touch screen.
  • Press the start button, and the servo motor drives the nail gun to perform nailing back and forth along the length of the product according to the set parameters. After the nailing is finished, it will automatically stop waiting. Manually press the jacking button, the equipment will jack up the nailed material from the slot and then manually unload it.
  • At this time, the manual can continue to place materials on station 2 to prepare for the next nailing.
  • Press the start button again, and the system will automatically go to station 2 to perform the nailing work. so repeatedly cycle work

Final products

Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Panels

The grooved acoustic wood panels have a variety of configurations to meet all acoustic requirements and provide an excellent sound absorption and noise control solution for all types of rooms. The tongue-and-groove connection allows two flat parts to be firmly connected together to form a flat surface. The appearance is exquisite, easy to assemble and low maintenance cost, so groove wall panel is highly recommended by architects. The material used is fireproof MDF(Migh-density fiberboard). Designed with grooves on the visible surface and holes on the back, grooved acoustic and wood wall panel is known for its excellent sound absorption performance.

Grooved/linear wood acoustic panels are not only suitable for gym, studio,theater, but also be used in a variety of high, intermediate decorated houses which has a requirement of the sound quality design, such as auditorium, conference hall, dance hall, reporting room, office, television broadcasting station, multi-function hall, ballrooms, churches, court rooms, hotel, reception areas, schools,etc.

Product Details

Nail gun quantity (pc)5
Max. working speed(m/min)30
Control modePLC automatic controlling
Nailing time(second)30
Gas requirements(kg)6
Volt220V, 50HZ(can be customized)

Product Diplay

Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine

Packaging And Delivery

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