Compressed wood cable reel machine

Press Wood Cable Reel Making Machine

  • Pressure : 1200T or customized
  • Main cylinder : Φ320,6 sets
  • Lift cylinder : Φ120,2 sets
  • Press stroke : 550mm
  • Flange diameters range : 10” to 60” (254 mm to 1524 mm)
  • Application : The press wood cable reel machine is a device used to manufacture cable reels. It compresses wood fibers into sturdy reels for storing and transporting cables.
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Product Description

Compressed wood cable reel machine

Wooden cable reel machine also called wooden cable drum machine , compressed wooden wire reel machine, wooden cable reel making machine , wooden wire drum package making machine.

This machine line is used the wood waste such as wood bicks , wood logs ,used pallets,bamboo waste, and other wooden fiber waste to make the dum .this machine line have two main machines : cable flange press machine and cable neck press machine .

Compressed wood cable drum packge press machine line is used to press cable package from wood flakes.

Neck need 3-4 pieces to combined by screw to make the neck and add parffin in the materias to make the cabel package water proof ,so you can store the cable outside door.The diameter of the cable package from:800,900,1000,1100,1200,1300(mm) etc.

Compressed wood cable reel machine
Compressed wood cable reel machine

Cable Reel also named as Wire reel , usually produced by wood, steel, plywood.Now we can use recycled wood material to produce the press wood wire reel.

Features Of Press Wood Cable Reel:

  • Cable reel used for making cables and other coils;
  • New products with high quality and low price;
  • High dimensional accuracy, light weight;
  • Good strength, not easy to distort;
  • The products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled;
  • Low moisture content, no moisture absorption and deformation during use;
  • fine workmanship and durability;

The Raw Materials

The raw materials for Wooden Cable Drum Making Machine can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, boards, branches, wood chips and wood processing residues, etc. It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp straw, cotton straw, reed, etc.). Any fiber-rich raw material can be used to produce molded cork, such as straw, bamboo, palm, wheat straw, bagasse, coconut fiber (coir), miscanthus, etc.

presswood raw materials

Product Parameters

Nominal pressure
Design pressure
Working pressure
Cylinder stroke
Lifing cylinder
Thermal oil,steam or electricity
Working area

Whole Production Line

Compressed wood cable reels are an economical solution for a wide range of wire and cable applications. Flange diameters range from 10” to 60” (254 mm to 1524 mm), and are available in recyclable and single-use packages. One completed compressed wood cable reel production line includes press machine, wood chipper, dryer, glue mixer, storage tank etc.

To make a fine quality compressed wood cable reels, there are three key points you must be aware of:

1.Moisture of the wood sawdust working with different glues. For normal urea formaldehyde glue, the sawdust moisture must below 8%. As a result, you must use a dryer to dry the material with proper temperature and safety operation.

2.Temperature: minimum 150 degree.

3.Pressing time: 300-350second for urea formaldehyde.

Accessory Machinery in a Compressed wood cable reels line includes:

1.Wood Chipping Machine: processing the wood waste material into smaller particles for further processing.

2.Automatic Loading Machine Before Crushing: loading the material into the crushing machine with controlled speed.

3.Wood Crushing Machine, as name as hammer mill, processing the wood particles into even small pieces within 2-50mm length, 2-5mm thickness.

4.Wood dryer divided into two types by different heating method: Thermal oil/Steam heated dryer and Electronic dryer. Dry the material into requested moisture.

5. Material Storage Silo for the material storage after drying.

6.Glue Mixer: mixing the material with glue with a certain ratio.

7.Hot press machine to form the shape.

pressed wood pallet line

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