Wood Pallet Board Cutting Saw

Automatic Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw

  • Saw cutting length:4000mm
  • Saw cutting height: 10-160mm/customized
  • Saw blade diameter:450mm/550mm/600mm
  • Main motor power: 7.5kw/ 11kw
  • Feeding mode: Servo feeding
  • Application :The automatic wood block cutter is mainly used for cutting wood strips to wood block.
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Product Description

Wood Pallet Board Cutting Saw
Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw icon

An automatic wood pallet block cutting saw is a specialized machine used in the woodworking industry for cutting wood blocks that are used in the construction of pallet bases. It is designed to automate the cutting process, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The automatic wood pallet block cutting saw is a highly efficient machine that can cut blocks quickly and accurately. The saw is equipped with a computer program control  cutting system that ensures that each block is cut to the exact same size. This is important for ensuring that the pallets are properly constructed and that they will be able to support the weight of the goods that they are carrying.

Cross Cut Saw
Cross Cut Saw

Electronic wood cutting saw has great advantages, such as wood batch standardized production, fully utilizing raw materials, reducing on-duty personnel, improving production efficiency, rational managing of personnel, and ensuring production safety. Therefore, CNC wood cutting saw can help you to save production costs, increase profits and gain generous returns.

The automatic wood pallet block cutting saw is also a very versatile machine. It can be used to cut blocks for a variety of different types of pallets. The saw can also be used to cut blocks for other purposes, such as for use in construction or landscaping.

End Products

wood pallet block

Product Parameters

Saw cutting length4000mm4000mm4000mm
Saw cutting height10-120mm/customized10-145mm/customized10-160mm/customized
Saw cutting width0-200mm/customized0-300mm/customized0-400mm/customized
Feeding speed35m per min (adjustable speed)
Cutting saw diameter450mm/550mm/600mm600mm500mm
Main motor power7.5kw11kw7.5kw
Servo motor power0.75kw0.75kw1kw
Machine size(excluding equipment working platform)1200*1200*1600mm 2200*1200*1700mm 2300*1600*1650mm
Cutting modeAutomatic industrial control saw web cutoff 
Production modeType 1: Artificial feeding, automatic material receiving; Type 2: Artificial feeding and material receiving
Operation mode

Touch screen operation

Pressing modepneumatic press
VoltageCan customized /Three phase four wire
Feeding modeServo feeding

Features of Auto Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw

  1. Automatic Operation: The automatic wood pallet block cutting saw is equipped with advanced technology and automation features. It can automatically feed, position, and cut the wood blocks, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing productivity .
  2. Precision Cutting: These saws are designed to provide precise and accurate cuts. They are equipped with high-quality blades and cutting mechanisms that ensure clean and consistent cuts on the wood blocks .
  3. Adjustable Cutting Parameters: The automatic wood pallet block cutting saw allows for easy adjustment of cutting parameters such as block length, width, and thickness. This flexibility enables the production of wood blocks of various sizes to meet specific requirements .
  4. High Production Capacity: These machines are capable of cutting a large number of wood blocks in a short period. They are designed for high production capacity, allowing manufacturers to meet the demands of their customers efficiently .

Product Display

Cross Cut Saw
Cross Cut Saw
Cross Cut Saw
Cross Cut Saw

Application of Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw

  1. Pallet Manufacturing: The primary application of the automatic wood pallet block cutting saw is in the production of pallets. It is used to cut wood blocks of specific dimensions that form the base of the pallet, ensuring the stability and strength of the pallet structure .
  2. Woodworking Industry: Besides pallet manufacturing, the automatic wood pallet block cutting saw can also find applications in other areas of the woodworking industry. It can be used for cutting wood blocks used in furniture manufacturing, construction, and various woodworking projects .

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