Automatic Wood Block Pallet Feet Nailing Machine

Wood Pallet Block Feet Nailing Machine

  • Nail gun:3 pieces,4 pieces,5 pieces
  • Capacity: 600-800 pcs/hour
  • Power:0.75 kw servo motor
  • Nail size : 35-70mm
  • Board length: 800-1300mm
  • Application :Wood Pallet Block Nailing Machine is suitable for nailing wood sawdust block, wood chips block, plywood blocks or solid wood block.
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Product Description

Automatic Wood Block Pallet Feet Nailing Machine
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An automatic wood block pallet nailing machine is a specialized machine used in the pallet manufacturing industry to automate the process of nailing wood blocks onto pallets.

The automatic wood pallet block nailing machine is an important equipment in the European wooden pallet production line. It connects wood board and pallet blocks together. Put the cut wood and pallet legs on the automatic pallet leg nailing machine, the wooden pallet legs nailing machine can automatically connect the board and the pallet legs.

The machine automates the nailing process, eliminating the need for manual nailing. It can accurately and efficiently nail wood blocks onto pallets, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Automatic wood block pallet nailing machines are capable of high production capacities, allowing for the creation of a large number of pallets in a shorter period. This helps to meet high-demand requirements and increase overall productivity

Wood Block Pallet Feet Nailing Machine

When the automatic pallet block connecting machine is running, put the cut wood and pallet legs together on the automatic pallet leg nailing machine, and the wooden pallet leg nailing machine can automatically connect the wood planks and the foot block together, and the connection is very tight.

The wooden leg nailing machine is divided into three-legged pallet nailing machine, four-legged pallet nailer machine and five-legged pallet connecting machine according to the number of legs connected by wooden boards. The pallet block connecting machine produced by our company can nail all kinds of European standard pallet blocks, solid wood pallet blocks and shaving pallet blocks.

Product Parameters

Product NamePallet block nailing machine
Total power0.75kw
Nail gun3 pieces(guns movable and can use any one)
Nails qty on blocks2-4
Nail size35-70mm
Board length800-1300mm
Board width80-160mm
Board thicknessMin.12mm
Block Width70-150mm
Block Length70-150mm
Block Thickness80-120mm
Out Size1500*1500*1500mm

Features of Wood Pallet Block Nailing Machine

  • Wooden pallet block nailing machine has high degree of automation, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  • The size of nailing the pallet can be adjusted manually or through a program on the machine.
  • The operating system of the pallet block nail machine adopts PLC control, and workers can operate it through the touch screen.
  • The nail gun adopts the Stanley brand, and the nail position is determined by the servo motor and the induction switch.
  • The pallet leg nailing machine is easy to operate, and one person can automatically complete feeding, pressing, nailing, cutting to fixed length, etc., with high efficiency.

Working Principle of Wooden Pallet Feet Nailing Machine

Block Pallet Nailing Machine

The operation of the wooden pallet block nailer is driven by a chain. The wood plank is moved under the nail gun, which then nails the wood plank and the block together. This machine can customize the size of nails according to customer requirements, and the normal size is below 1300mm. The nail gun and other accessories of the pallet nailing machine can use the brand specified by the customer. The number of nails can be adjusted according to the needs. The position of the nails is neat. During the nailing process of the machine, there will be no problems of missing nails and weak nails.

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