Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine

Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine

  • Nail gun quantity (pc) : 15(can be customized)
  • Distance (mm):40(can be customized)
  • Working table size (mm): 2400×605mm
  • Voltage:220V, 50HZ(can be customized)
  • Gas requirements(kg): 6kg
  • Application : Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is mainly used in the production of Acoustic Panel .
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Product Description

Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine
Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine icon

An acoustic panel nailing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the production of acoustic panels.These machines are designed to streamline the production process and ensure consistent quality and efficiency in the panel manufacturing.Acoustic panels are commonly used in various industries and applications to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels.

The grooved acoustic wood panels have a variety of configurations to meet all acoustic requirements and provide an excellent sound absorption and noise control solution for all types of rooms. The tongue-and-groove connection allows two flat parts to be firmly connected together to form a flat surface. The appearance is exquisite, easy to assemble and low maintenance cost, so groove wall panel is highly recommended by architects. The material used is fireproof MDF(Migh-density fiberboard). Designed with grooves on the visible surface and holes on the back, grooved acoustic and wood wall panel is known for its excellent sound absorption performance.

Grooved/linear wood acoustic panels are not only suitable for gym, studio,theater, but also be used in a variety of high, intermediate decorated houses which has a requirement of the sound quality design, such as auditorium, conference hall, dance hall, reporting room, office, television broadcasting station, multi-function hall, ballrooms, churches, court rooms, hotel, reception areas, schools,etc.

Final products

Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Panels

Product Parameters

Nail gun quantity (pc)15(can be customized)
Distance (mm)40(can be customized)
Working table size (mm)2400×605
Capacity (pc)300 pcs/24h
Voltage220V, 50HZ(can be customized)
Nailing time(second):15
Gas requirements(kg)6

Product Diplay

Acoustic panel nailing machine
Acoustic panel nailing machine 002
Acoustic panel nailing machine 004

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