A wood core plug is a type of plug used in various industries, such as paper manufacturing, printing, and packaging, to secure and protect the inner core of a roll. It is typically made from wood materials, providing strength, stability, and crush resistance to the core.

Wood core plugs are commonly made from high-quality wood materials, such as hardwood or engineered molded wood .Wood core plugs offer excellent strength and stability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications and larger paper rolls .

Wood core plugs are engineered to maintain consistent size and shape, ensuring a tight fit within the paper roll’s core .

Wood core plugs are designed to withstand high levels of pressure, providing superior crush resistance and protecting the integrity of the paper roll .

wood core pluge
wood core pluge

The core plug is mainly used in the paper industry. After the paper is produced, it needs to be rolled up for easy packaging. The traditional core plug is made of solid wood. Due to the continuous shortage of wood resources, the cost of making core plug with solid wood is getting higher and higher. ZZCHRYSO has developed this core plug machine that can process various waste wood and sawdust. This kind of molded core plug has a relatively low cost and is very popular in the market.

papaer core plug press machine

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