Once launched, the fully automatic wooden pallet nailing machine from ZZCHRYSO company has been favored by customers from various countries. The automatic pallet nailing machine maximizes work efficiency, saves labor, and achieves a level of accuracy that manual operations cannot match. This represents a technological revolution in the field of pallet processing.

Guinean customers visit the factory

Recently, the pallet nailing machine production line purchased by our customer from Guinea has been completed. The customer traveled all the way from Africa to the ZZCHRYSO factory to test the machine. They are highly satisfied with the machine’s efficiency and configuration, and they expressed recognition for the strength and work attitude of our factory.

The customer in Guinea purchased a complete line of wooden pallets, including Pallet block nailing machine ,Automatic pallet nailing machine ,Rotating machine , Branding machine ,Corners cutting machine ,Turnover machine ,Stacking machine ,Conveyor .

Guinean customers visit the factory
Czech customers visit our factory 副本

We will arrange shipment for the customer as soon as possible, and the machine, once put into operation, will fully meet the customer’s expectations.

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