European Pallet Vs American Standard Pallet

Wooden pallet is mainly used in logistics industries such as containerization, stacking, handling, and transportation. In addition to the distinction of shape and size, wooden pallet also has regional distinctions. American wooden pallet and European wooden pallet are two types of them. Wooden pallet has certain differences in different countries. They are mainly divided into two categories: American wooden pallet and European wooden pallet. American wooden pallet is stringer-type wooden pallets. The European pallet is a standard pallet commonly used in Europe, which is a block-type wooden pallet.

European Pallets

The European pallet is made up of panels and wooden blocks. It is a common European standard pallet. The European standard pallet can be inserted on all sides and is convenient to use, but the structure is complex and the overall firmness is inferior to that of the American standard pallet.

European standard pallets are commonly used in modern logistics. Its use can ensure the storage and transportation of goods, greatly increase the power of industrial transportation, and ensure the speed of logistics transportation. When moving the European standard pallet, the distance between the two forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the pallet. The depth of the fork should be more than 2/3 of the depth of the entire European standard pallet. A European standard pallet is a tool designed for road and rail transportation with a size of 0.8×12 meters.

European Pallet

American Standard Pallet

American pallet (longitudinal beam pallet) is a standard pallet common in North America, so it is also called “American pallet”. The pallet has simple structure, convenient production, good overall firmness, and forks on both sides. If the customer needs to enter the fork on all sides, the longitudinal beam can be grooved.

American wooden pallet has simple structure, convenient production and good overall firmness. However, this kind of wooden plate is generally a two-way fork, and only under certain circumstances can a four-way fork be realized.

The American standard wooden pallet is divided into single-sided wooden pallets and double-sided wooden pallets. American pallets are mostly two-way-in-fork wooden pallets. High-quality wood is selected in the production, and the American pallet production line is adopted to strictly manage the wooden pallet production process to ensure the quality and quality of the pallet.

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What is the difference between a Euro Pallet and a Standard Pallet?


The main difference between the two is their dimensions. The American pallet is bigger (1200mm X 1000mm) and heavier (30Kg aprox.), and the European pallets are a bit smaller (1200mm X 800mm) and lighter (25Kg aprox.). Do you know why?

During the Second World War, when transporting materials from the United States to Europe, turned out American pallets were too big for European trains and made transport and cargo handling difficult. A smaller version was created to fit perfectly in the European trains and use better the space of the wagons to transport even more cargo.

With time a subcategory of the europallet was created, the Display Pallet, which is half of a standard European pallet (600 × 800 mm). Those are the ones most used on supermarkets.

With the general use of pallets, it was during the 60’s when the first regulations and standarizations were created. European pallets, or europallets, follow the   EUR or EPAL standard, and American ones (or universal/standard) follow ISO Standard 6780: 2003 Flat pallets for intercontinental materials handling — Principal dimensions and tolerances, which was revised and confirmed in 2020. That’s why sometimes does pallets are also called isopallets.


The European pallet is made up of panels and wooden blocks. The European pallet can realize a four-way fork, which is more convenient to use. But it also has its shortcomings, such as complex structure, slightly weaker overall stability and so on.

The American standard pallets are supported by several longitudinal beams, also known as stringer pallets.American wooden pallet has simple structure, convenient production and good overall firmness. However, this kind of wooden plate is generally a two-way fork, and only under certain circumstances can a four-way fork be realized.


The key consideration for people or SMEs when it comes to deciding on your different pallet size options boil down to how you wish to pack your pallet. If you are a manufacturer, this depends on what products you make and how you package them.

If your products and how they are packed fit better and more efficiently onto a Euro pallet, then it would be beneficial to utilise that base. This is because due to the dimensions of a Euro pallet, the footprint will be smaller.

There are three main options in terms of how you fill your pallet, which are quarter pallets, half pallets, and full pallets. These options indicate how heavy or tall your goods are including the pallet base, with limits 300kg or 80cm, 600kg or 110cm and 1200kg or 220cm respectively. You can also look to utilise oversized pallet options. Pallets that exceed standard size will incur an additional fee due to the extra space requirement in transportation.

When shipping internationally, it is very important to know if the country you are sending your pallets to have any special requirements regarding the pallets used. For example, if you are sending goods to the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, the pallet base must be fumigated/ heat treated.

American Wood Pallet line

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