What are  Euro pallets?

Euro pallets, also known as EUR pallets or Euro-standard pallets, are a type of wooden pallet that is widely used in Europe for transportation and storage purposes. These pallets are designed and regulated by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) to ensure standardization and compatibility across European countries.

Euro pallets have specific dimensions and features that make them suitable for efficient handling by forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment. The standard Euro pallet dimensions are 800mm x 1200mm (31.5 inches x 47.2 inches), and they typically have a height of around 144mm (5.7 inches).

The construction of Euro pallets involves using wooden boards or planks for the top and bottom surfaces, with blocks or bearers in between to provide structural support. The boards are usually arranged in a perpendicular pattern to ensure stability and load-bearing capacity.

These pallets are known for their durability, strength, and compatibility with various handling systems. Euro pallets are designed to withstand heavy loads and are commonly used in industries such as logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and retail.

Euro pallets also play a crucial role in facilitating international trade within Europe and worldwide. They are often used for the transportation of goods and materials across borders, as they meet the requirements for efficient handling, stacking, and compatibility with standard transportation equipment like trucks, containers, and pallet racks.


How are Euro Pallets Made?

Compared with manual working, pallet nailing machine has advantages of high efficiency and precision, which benefits from the PLC system and simple operation of the touch screen. Therefore, our machine would be of great help to increase your capacity.

  • First of all, put the boards that have been connected with wood blocks on the machine, then press the button, and the clamp in the machine will automatically fix the stringer board.
  • Secondly, put the top deck boards on the holders on the clamp. After pressing the button on the control panel, the nail guns will go downwards and shoot nails to connect the deckboards with the pallet. Once upon the nailing process is done, the half-finished pallet will be taken to the rotation part. Then being rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, the stamp will be imprinted on both sides of the pallet by the logo mark machine.
  • In rapid sequence, the four corners of the pallet will be chamfered. After being reversed, the final pallet will be carried to the stacking machine and keep staying on it, until the amount has reached the rated number for truck lifting.

What are the main EURO Pallet Manufacturing Equipment?

The main EURO pallet manufacturing equipment includes:

  1. Pallet Nailing Machine: Pallet nailing machines are used to automate the nailing process in EURO pallet assembly. These machines can efficiently drive nails into the wooden boards, ensuring strong and secure connections .
  2. Pallet Block Cutting Machine: Pallet block cutting machines are used to cut wooden blocks that serve as support structures in EURO pallets. These machines can precisely cut the blocks to the required dimensions, ensuring uniformity and stability in the pallet construction .
  3. Pallet Deck Board Cutting Machine: Pallet deck board cutting machines are used to cut the wooden boards that form the top and bottom surfaces of the pallet. These machines can cut the boards to the desired length and width, ensuring precise dimensions for the pallet .
  4. Pallet Chamfering Machine: Pallet chamfering machines are used to create chamfered edges on the pallet boards. Chamfering the edges improves the safety and handling of the pallets, reducing the risk of splinters and damage to the goods being transported .
  5. Pallet Sanding Machine: Pallet sanding machines are used to smooth the surfaces of the pallet boards. These machines remove any roughness or imperfections, resulting in a smooth and even surface finish .
  6. Pallet Stamping Machine: Pallet stamping machines are used to apply identification marks, logos, or labels on the pallets. These machines can be customized to meet specific marking requirements, such as company logos or standardized pallet markings .

Advantages of Euro wooden pallet production line

In the process of packaging and transportation of goods produced by enterprises, the use of European wooden pallets has always been more common. Therefore, the wooden pallets produced by the wooden pallet production line must have sufficient strength. This can ensure the integrity of the goods and effectively reduce the damage rate of the goods. At the same time, choose dry wood when selecting materials, which can prevent mildew and increase the service life.

1.High configuration of pallet production line

The pallet production line produced by our company adopts professional controllers and customized supporting software to ensure safe and stable operation and high production efficiency.

When manufacturing each machine, we use servo motors and precision servo reducers: the machine runs with high precision and ensures consistent working dimensions.

2.Can produce many types of wooden pallets

The European pallet production line can change the configuration of the machine to process American pallets. Special-shaped pallets can also be customized according to customer needs, and can also be made of square bar wooden pallets and square pier wooden pallets.

3.Single operation, simple process, high production efficiency

It is operated through the touch screen, the program controls the automatic nailing, the nail gun speed is 4 times per second, and the feeding speed is 400 pieces/8 hours, which is 3 times that of manual. Manual feeding, automatic nailing, automatic palletizing, pneumatic pressing.

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