Automatic Wood Pallet Building Machine For Sale

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Automatic Pallet Making Machine

Automatic Pallet Building Machine

  • Working mode :Automatic feeding and stacking
  • Operation mode:PLC Touch screen
  • Air pressure: 0.8MPA
  • Nail gun speed:7 times /second
  • Apply a nail:65,70,75,80,85,90mm
  • Working voltage : 220V,380V,415V,customized/ 2kw Servo motor
  • Pallet Building Machine Price$23500.00 to $24500.00 
  • Application : Automatic Wood Pallet Building Machine is mainly used in the production of American and European pallets.

How to make wood pallet ? – Pallet Building Machine Production Line Working Video

What Is A Pallet Building Machine?

A wood pallet building machine is a piece of equipment used to automatically assemble and build wooden pallets. It takes individual pieces of wood, such as boards or planks, and uses a series of mechanisms to nail or bind them together to form a complete pallet.

Auto pallet building machine adopts fully automatic program, and the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, with convenient control, and accurate nailing position. Compared with the domestic conventional production process, auto pallet nailing machine is with multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Pallet building machines can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, and they can be customized to produce different sizes and types of pallets. These machines can help to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs, as they can build pallets much faster and more accurately than manual assembly. They also help to reduce waste and improve safety, as they can use up every piece of material and minimize the need for manual handling.

Features of Automatic Wooden Pallet Building Machine

1. Touch Screen Control
The touchscreen control can turn anyone into a tech pro in no time. It is easy to learn for even the most tech-phobic users. The modification of the functions can accommodate the operator’s needs. It makes the equipment easier to handle and operate for the operator.

2. Different Working Modes
Our wooden pallet nailing machine has three different working modes:

● Artificial feeding

● Auto Nailing

● Auto stacking

3. Produces Various Types of Pallets
The auto pallet nailing machine can make:

● American standard pallets

● European standard pallets

● Customized pallets according to the customer’s specifications

4. Auto Stacking
The automatic pallet nailing machine has an auto stacking operation mode. The pallet nailing machine processes the wood. After nailing, the wooden pallets are moved to the stacking platform.

5. Nail Gun
The automatic pallet nailing machine consists of a nail gun. A nail gun is a particular type of hammer that assists in putting nails into wood and other raw materials. The typical power source is compressed air.

The nail gun speed is 7 times/second.

6. High-Power Servo Motor
The automatic pallet nailing machine has a high-power servo motor. A servo motor rotates machine parts efficiently and precisely. Servo motors are ideal for precise motor speed, position, and torque control. The power of the servo motor is 1.5 kW.

7. Consistent Working Size
The incredibly precise nature of the mechanical operation guarantees a constant working size.

Automatic Wooden Pallet Nailing Machine
Automatic Wooden Pallet Nailing Machine

Working Principle Of The Wooden Pallet Building Machine

The automatic wood Pallet Building Machine is a machine that is used to manufacture pallets.The automatic wood pallet nailing machine is a very efficient machine that can produce pallets at a very high rate of speed. It is a valuable asset to any business that manufactures pallets.

Working principle of the automatic wood Pallet Building Machine:

  1. Material Feed/Supply – Raw materials like wood boards or strips are fed into the machine through an automated feeding system. This can include conveyor belts, rollers, etc. to move the material to the working area.
  2. Cutting/Sizing – The machine is equipped with saws, cutters, etc. to cut the wood boards/strips to the required size and dimensions for making the pallet components like boards, blocks, etc. This ensures accuracy and uniformity in sizes.
  3. Fastening – The pallet components are assembled and fastened together using nails, screws or staples. Automatic/robotic fastening systems precisely place the fasteners to join the wood pieces firmly.
  4. Pressing – In some machines, a press is used to tightly compress the assembled pallet to ensure all components are securely fastened together with no gaps. This adds strength to the finished pallet.
  5. Finishing – Optional operations like sanding or planning may be included to smooth out surfaces. Cut edges may also be treated.
  6. Finished Pallet Discharge – The completed wooden pallet automatically moves out or is discharged from the machine on a conveyor to be stacked or packed.
  7. Control System – The whole process is controlled automatically through a programmable logic controller (PLC) or computerized control system for smooth functioning and high production rates.
working principle of the wooden pallet nailing machine

Technical parameters of Pallet Building Machine

Product name
Automatic wooden pallet nailing machine
Working mode
Automatic feeding and stacking
Operation mode
PLC Touch screen
Operational mode
Pneumatic operation
Voltage and power
 220V,380V,415V,customized/ 2kw Servo motor
Air pressure
Tank size
0.2 cubic
Nail gun speed
7 times /second
Production effciency
1-2pcs /min
Apply a nail
Host machine 1660*1970*2217mm
Stacking 2945*2054*1410
Overall dimensions(mm)
Nail application size
Working mode
Automatic feeding of automatic nail stacking
Wood Pallet Processing Line

The Processing Of Pallet Building Machine

The machine consists of several components, including a nailing head, a conveyor system, and a control panel. The nailing head is responsible for driving nails into the wood, while the conveyor system transports the wood through the machine. The control panel allows you to adjust the machine’s settings and monitor its performance.

The machine operates by first placing the wood on the conveyor system. The conveyor system then transports the wood to the nailing head, which drives nails into the wood at the correct angle and depth. The machine then moves the wood to the next station, where the nails are trimmed and the pallet is formed.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Pallet Building Machine

  1. Increased Productivity: Our machine can build pallets at a rate of up to 100 pallets per hour, significantly faster than manual methods.
  2. Improved Accuracy: The machine uses precision guides and sensors to ensure that nails are driven into the wood at the correct angle and depth, resulting in more accurate and consistent pallet construction.
  3. Reduced Labor Costs: By automating the pallet building process, you can reduce the need for manual labor and save on labor costs.
  4. Improved Safety: The machine is designed with safety in mind and features safety guards and emergency stop buttons to prevent accidents.
  5. Customization: Our machine can be customized to meet your specific production needs, such as nailing pattern, nail size, and pallet size.
  6. Cost-Effective: The machine is a cost-effective solution for pallet production, as it reduces the need for manual labor and minimizes the risk of errors and waste.
  7. Consistency: The machine produces consistent pallets, which can help to improve your reputation and customer satisfaction.

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